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The future of work is now and it’s not about technology

To keep up, organisations will need to be highly resilient, self-organising and ready for constant change. 

When we try and predict the future we do so through the lens of technology. Should our business be experimenting with AI, implementing automation, investing in blockchain or moving into VR? We don't know... 


We do know there will always be a new technology trend and only the most resilient teams will be responsive enough to take advantage of it. 

Achieve warp speed, on rails

The Beaker & Flint Lab is a model for achieving constant organisational reinvention safely, sustainably and productively  

Be ready for the future of work by achieving what you need to get done today while building capability for tomorrow 

We are high-speed fibreoptics in a world of copper wires. 

We distil the industry's cutting-edge techniques and best practice and make them readily consumable by you and your team. 

The market changes quickly and traditional training and consulting methods are just too slow, expensive and inefficient to build your team's capability.