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Interaction & Design Ops

Design principles, heuristics & shipping designs.

Design principles, heuristics & shipping designs

Focus on quality. Design is an ancient and respected discipline that is incredibly important in modern product development. 

Design is the conduit between research, business, strategy and delivery. It brings ideas to life and is how the customer visualises or personifies your company. 

In this topic, we work through the principles of design and the process of collaboration between design and development. 


  • Design heuristics 

  • Interaction design principles 

  • Design psychology

  • Sharing and communicating your work 

  • Design Ops & working with developers 

  • Accessibility 


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Interaction & Design Ops

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Interaction design starts on paper

Facilitation is a key skill for empowering teams. Enhance your leadership by helping others discover innovative solutions through learning facilitation skills.

Interaction design starts on paper