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Leading a team

Leading a team with Emotional Intelligence

Team Leadership

Practical techniques for leading modern teams and creating a culture of learning.


  • Connecting People to Purpose

  • Diplomacy

  • The Opportunity of Conflict

  • Getting Outcomes from Knowing your Team

  • Creating a Journey and Narrative

  • Team Development and Culture

  • Team Dynamics

  • Servant Leadership

  • Transparency

  • Leading from the Back

  • Leading from the Front

Future ready organisations start with leaders at every level. This means creating teams that constantly stay connected to purpose, have direction and a clear pathway to success. This co-creation workshop gives teams the opportunity to explore various leadership styles while considering the need for personal and team development. Concepts such as transparency and servant leadership are modelled throughout the session. We’ll get hands on with leadership strategies that drive true outcomes for new and existing teams.


  • Connecting people to purpose 

  • Diplomacy 

  • The opportunity of conflict 

  • Getting outcomes from knowing your team

  • Creating a journey and narrative 

  • Team development and culture 

  • Team dynamics

  • Servant Leadership

  • Transparency

  • Leading from the back 

  • Leading from the front 


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Leading a team

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