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Story Writing and Lean Documentation

Story Writing and Lean Documentation

Story Writing and Lean Documentation

Using documentation in a way that helps deliver value quickly and continuously (with low chance of becoming obsolete)

* Right-sizing documentation
* Determining when to document
* Iterate X3 Documentation
* Alternatives to Documentation
* Story Refinement
* Organise Backlog
* Story Writing
* Methods for slicing stories
* Feasibility
* Creating a Lean Business Case
* Style guides & standards
* Documenting and Communicating Values & Principles

Dealing with constant change means more collaboration and right-sized documentation. This co-creation workshop unpacks existing your existing documentation practises and shows you how to convey the same information using as much as 25% of the time and content. This session also delves into story writing - a long practised agile technique for easily conveying work to be done. This session will also explore a business case on-a-page and associated techniques determining when and if documentation should be used at all.


  • Documenting and communicating values and principles 

  • Style guides and standards 

  • Creating a lean business case 

  • Feasibility 

  • Methods of slicing stories 

  • Story writing 

  • Organise backlog 

  • Refinement 


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Story Writing and Lean Documentation

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