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Accelerate problem-solving through rapid visualisation

Stop arguments and solve problems by deploying visuals to aid in framing problems, encouraging collaboration and rapidly generating solutions


Visualise things in a way to help connect people to the value


  • Framing

  • Lean Messaging (Cutting out the guff)

  • Shared Context

  • Narrative

  • Communicating Meaning

  • Metaphors

  • Methods and surfaces for visualisation

  • Bikablo / Sketching

  • Wire-Framing

  • Decision Making

  • Conversation and Collaboration

  • Tools

Visualisation is a powerful way to communicate concepts effectively and with less words. Future-ready organisations will move quickly by having a strong capability in rapid visual communication methods. This co-creation workshop will explore the basics of framing, creating shared context through narrative and metaphors. Using your existing projects we’ll practise using techniques such as Bikablo and Sketching to generate conversation and collaboration for quick communication and decision making.


  • Whiteboard Visualisation 

  • Bikablo

  • Gestalt Psychology

  • Tools

  • Conversation and collaboration

  • Decision making 

  • Wireframing 

  • Methods and surfaces for visualisation  

  • Metaphor

  • Communicating meaning 

  • Narrative 

  • Lean messaging 

  • Framing 


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