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Mac and I met while working for an app development agency back in 2014. With his skills for organisation and leadership, and my insatiable desire to grow through entrepreneurship, we knew a perfect partnership was brewing.


Fast forward to 2018, and we founded Beaker & Flint together. We’ve since delivered over 50 discreet technology projects for startups, scaleups and large enterprises. We've helped blue-chip global brands improve the way they deliver technology.


Above all else, hiring and managing people who can accelerate your critical projects is what we do best.

Because here’s the thing: our main goal is to build YOUR capability, not our portfolio (although that’s still nice).

And if you want to hear from someone who has been there before, read about one of our most successful projects yet.

Read the Kolmeo Casestudy
Reggie James, CEO and Founder of Beaker & Flint

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