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Introducing Beaker and Flint

Beaker & Flint is a team of passionate experience designers, product managers, agile coaches and thought leaders with decades of experience creating products and experiences people love.

Together we’re building a platform that leads to true capability uplift within organisations and help teams be responsive and resilient in complex, fast-paced environments.

We want to do this while also helping you and your teams deliver true business value and meaningful customer experiences.

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The Beaker and Flint story

Many people see organisations as large machines: a series of parts, processes and pieces that can be simply moved around and restructured.

Organisations are not large machines.


An organisation is a large group of people who share their own unique culture. People are complicated, people are messy, but people are powerful.

You can’t change an organisation by just restructuring one of its parts — a car doesn’t become a plane just by adding wings!


To change an organisation is to change an ecosystem — and to change an ecosystem is complicated.

Restructures and transformations lead to perpetual problems. If you tried to restructure nature you’d introduce jackals to kill the mongooses you introduced, to kill the snakes you introduced to fix the initial rat problem!


You must take an evolutionary approach to change an ecosystem, which means focusing on personal growth in organisations. As a leader of change you plant a seed and create the right conditions for it to grow.

A healthy ecosystem will be resilient in the face of changing conditions and will adapt autonomously without the need for a top-down guiding hand.

Healthy ecosystems are constantly reinventing themselves, and constant reinvention is what organisations need, to be ready for the future of work.

Our model for assessing organisational maturity

Or how we help teams


Organisations have one purpose: to create value. Value can be defined in many ways. It can be defined as solving customer problems, generating profit, or even enabling happiness. Creating value means something different to every organisation.


Organisations can’t create value without the following four pillars:

DesignStrategyLeadership and Delivery.


It doesn’t matter if you are a team of 1 or a team of 5,000; you need to have a consistent capability in all four areas to sustainably generate value.


Without design, organisations lack a connection to their market and don’t know what value is for their users or customers.


Without strategy, organisations lack a path to enabling that value, and can’t sustain the production of that value into the future.


Without leadership, organisations lack a coherent connection to what the value is. People stray from the mission and aren’t clear on what they are trying to achieve.


Without the capability to deliver, organisations can’t create that value at all. Beaker & Flint have a holistic view of organisational uplift, providing teams with Design, Strategy, Leadership and Delivery skills and coaching.


If you are experiencing frustration or feel your team’s ability to deliver value effectively is lacking, you can use this model to diagnose what support you need.

Making organisational or team change

At Beaker & Flint, we were frustrated with the current limiting ways teams were able to acquire new skills and get support.


The problems with training

Problem number one: traditional training courses may be certified, but two days of theoretical training doesn’t leave you with the skills you need. It leaves you with a certificate.


To acquire a new skill, you must first learn it, then practise it, then finally share it. Beaker & Flint’s subscription model gives your team just that: an opportunity to learn, apply and mentor.


Problem number two: traditional training has a focus on individuals, not teams. UX training for UXers, product management training for PMs, and agile training for delivery teams makes your company unaligned, and creates an us-vs.-them culture.


Beaker & Flint designs its courses so teams work together. Specialists are still empowered to specialise in their chosen field, but we aim to create T-shaped, cross-functional teams.

The problem with consulting


Large organisations become dependent on consultants to solve complex problems for them. This can be fine as a short-term solution, but ends up costing more in the long term.

The only constant is change. Once consultants leave, they take all their knowledge with them. In their absence internal teams revert back to past habits and behaviours. People need to understand the purpose and the mindset behind what they are doing.


Beaker & Flint aren’t afraid of getting into the detail and helping your team solve complex problems, but our focus is always on transferring knowledge so you never become reliant on us and can self-sustain after we’re gone.

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We help solve business and customer problems using the best of Experience Design, Product Strategy, Modern Leadership and Agile Delivery.


We started Beaker & Flint because we want to help teams be ready for the future of work, with an approach that enables teams to make an accelerated leap into the future.


Beaker & Flint

  • builds capability while keeping you productive

  • is continually evolving and updating

  • demystifies techniques and jargon

  • focuses on transferring knowledge so you never become reliant on us

  • creates teams that are responsive and resilient to complex change.

 — Reggie, Mac & Ben