Give your team
the skills they need
to succeed

Training and workshops designed for organisations like yours

All examples, resources and tools used are tailored to work for your industry

NFP & Social Enterprise

We equip organisations with practical advice and strategies to align goals, inspire teams and focus on the mission so you can continue making a difference.

Government Departments

Set up systems that integrate long term department goals into everyday tasks. Plan, collaborate and deliver quality outcomes with remote and onsite training.

Large Scale Enterprises

Empower your organisation from the inside out with dynamic courses and workshops. Reach new heights of capability with effective, actionable solutions.

Training is a great investment

For every $1 spent on capacity building, purpose-driven organisations yield an average positive return of $6

Training leads to improved team performance

Employees are up to 70% more productive after undergoing formal training.

Training is necessary to stay effective

50% of all employees will need re-skilling in the next 5 years

Training improves employee retention

Well-trained team members are up to 82% more likely to remain with their current employer.

Designed for an active and busy schedule
Optimised training for continual improvement
Courses and workshops with industry professionals
Flexible training with onsite, remote and hybrid learning options

B&F Training Packages elevate and strengthen teams

Beaker & Flint Consultants work with you to find the perfect, future-proof solution, with realistic and actionable training for your organisation.

Training for a Range of Topics

We work with your organisation to reach meaningful goals, evolve and align teams, and build systems for future growth. B&F's courses and workshops focus on internal progress and ongoing success, leaving you Better, as a Result.

Strategy & Innovation

Amplify the impact of your organisation and develop a mature innovation and strategy practice

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Remote & Hybrid Working

No matter the scope, implement hybrid and remote work models that form to teams of all shapes and sizes.

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Understand your target audience and design a seamless service experience that changes and grows with users.

Also available on Iterate.Academy

Product Management

Improve end-to-end product management and take new features and products from idea to market.

Also available on Iterate.Academy


Become a transformational leader that drives change by utilising reflection, self-awareness and collective resilience.

Also available on Iterate.Academy

Agile Delivery

Develop an Agile mindset to strategically plan projects and deliver results with intention.

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Insights from our expert instructors

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Rebecca Sassine

Ready to make an impact?

Our training packages are perfect for teams, managers and executives within NFPs, public sector organisations, large corporates and SMBs. They are designed to upskill, uplift and inspire new ideas and new thinking.

We’ll provide all the tools and foundations you need to put that inspiration into action, building a better organisation in the process.

Proven to work, delivered by experts

Our processes and knowledge have been crafted over years of real-life application across many different industries, organisations and scenarios. We’ve introduced new ways of working to some of Australia’s most demanding work environments, and we’ll show you how they can apply to yours.

Your sessions will be delivered by coaches and consultants who are experts in breaking down powerful concepts into simple, actionable processes.

Supercharge and evolve your skills

With Beaker & Flint, get actionable training that sparks something amazing in you!

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