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Suddenly working from home? You're not alone.

The coronavirus pandemic has kicked off the largest work from home experiment of our time. 

As these conditions become the new norm, companies are finding that existing business problems are being amplified - and remote working is bringing with it an array of new challenges. 

We’re partnering with AmCham to host a free webinar to help you tackle these challenges and thrive in this new online world.

We want to help

We’ve mobilised and trained hundreds of teams on productivity, organisation and effectiveness for remote work.


In recognition of the fact that many teams across Australia are struggling to adapt while maintaining productivity, we’re sharing practical ways you can get the most from your remote team.

Moving to a remote team is so much more than logging into Zoom:

Assessing changes to your team’s performance


Setting up, and getting the most out of, the right tools

Developing team social contracts and working cadence

Creating more time for real work

Helping you get out of email and into visualising work

Enabling leaders to provide holistic support

Providing clarity on what to focus on next

Build a resilient team that can adapt to any change that comes their way

Times are tough, so the first one is on us

We understand it’s a difficult time, with drastic changes that are impacting your business occurring regularly.


With some experts predicting remote work may be the new norm for months to come, we need to get serious about ensuring our teams are set up to thrive online.


Create a Productive Remote Work Culture

In partnership with AmCham we’ll be running a 60 minute webinar to share some of the tools, tips and experiences we’ve honed as a digital-first team. You’ll walk away with resources, advice and guidance that will help your organisation build resilience, define new working norms and, ultimately, thrive. Strong teams can deal with anything - bushfires, COVID19, and whatever comes next. 


12 pm 

Tue – 21 April 2020







Looking for more hands-on help?

Our team is set up to deliver remote coaching and workshops that can help you troubleshoot any challenges your team or organisation is experiencing. 


With a team of passionate Experience Designers, Product Managers and Agile Coaches, we can help you adopt innovative solutions to any problem, set you up with the right tools, and develop playbooks your company can use immediately and into the coming months.

Beaker & Flint Remote Coaches:

Solve remote work challenges

We will enable you to thrive online, build a culture of trust and lead teams to becoming intrinsically motivated.

Uplift your organisation

Drive new ways of working, become more digitally savvy and implement the right tools that will help even after people return to the office.

Tailored to you

We’ve worked with people at all levels - from CEO’s to people who have never experienced remote work. We’ll meet you where you’re at, to suit your needs.

Create a Productive Remote Work Culture is our online remote coaching platform

Companies we have worked with: 

We’ve successfully trained over 750 people and counting…