Ecosystem Assessment

Will your organisation thrive in the future of work?

Standard benchmarking assessments oversimplify and sanitise the human complexity within your organisation and give you a false sense of order and control. 


Your organisation's performance is better explained through the lens of values, social norms, status, influence, cognitive biases, loss aversion, emotional intelligence and behavioural economics.


Measure what matters with our Human-Centred assessment for organisational health. 

It’s not rocket science, it’s behavioural science 🚀 

What is really stopping your team from being engaged, high performing and truly healthy?

If not addressed, these foundational barriers to team success will stunt team growth and performance.


Visualising these blockers, especially in the early stages of a team’s development, allows for targeted interventions and happier, higher performing teams.  




An obsession on output over outcomes


Misaligned Metrics


Overload with BAU


Command and Control Leadership


Fixed Mindsets


A lack of purpose






Competing priorities


Lack of psychological safety 



Organisational Agility

It is hard to visualise agility – let us do it for you. 

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What is an Ecosystem Assessment?

A comprehensive analysis to guide you through the ever-evolving future of work. 

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The Ecosystem Assessment analyses team health and performance using more than 100 different data points and real-life observations.

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We take this analysis and build a Dynamic Dashboard, giving you a clear visual of your team’s current health. 



Coaching Plan 

Targeting your high priority needs, we develop an Actionable Coaching Plan of individualised recommendations to empower your team.