Ready to make an impact?

Great! Because that's what drives the heartbeat of Beaker & Flint, or as we lovingly call ourselves B&F. 

Our purpose reads simple but what lies beneath is not by any means; Better, as a Result. We know the success of this stems from having a team of individuals who are empowered to contribute to shaping our business. 

By joining B&F you'll know and feel that we not only work with changemakers, but we are also changemakers setting a new way of working and delivering for our clients.
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Why B&F?

We are different, in a good way, and we like it -this is a common phrase you will hear here as it speaks to the essence of our founder's vision to create a business where we're not afraid to step outside of the box.
We find passion in breaking that box apart, and as a team, we let our skills, passion, and curiosity create something better that we are proud to share with the world.

At B&F, we encourage you to see real purpose in all you do. We proudly come together as a diverse group of individuals, and we love working with people who bring their authentic selves. Here, you'll be excited by the opportunity to develop your career with us many times over.

No one wins alone here—we come from a place of trust first, with the spirit to do right by the people around us and welcome new ideas.
We encourage gaining and sharing knowledge because when you grow, we all grow together and become Better, as a Result.

How we work

We welcome everyone at B&F. We see you and we value you for being your authentic self and, when we all belong, we become better together. 


We always remember to communicate well – to help, inform, motivate and grow. This means articulating tasks, needs, priorities, deadlines, ideas and concerns to each other with clarity, respect, and an open conversation.

Honesty is best

We know when to roll up our sleeves. We’re accountable – owning our mistakes so we can collective improve. With a spring in our step, we approach problems head-on together.

A break for growth

We support career opportunities both in and outside of Beaker and Flint. For those that are wanting to take extended time off to further their studies or skill sets which support both personal and Beaker & Flint growth we encourage you.


We know when we come together magic happens, and we also know that connections are important. Our BetterTogether program enables the team to stay connected throughout the year with our social activities, events and work collaboration time, led always aligned to our culture, values and what we are passionate about..

Equal Voices

Here you are not defined by your role and each person's voice matters. Everyone has an opportunity to participate in what sparks something within. Our team is intrinsically collaborative, and our bond as a team ensures that we will get the work done.

Open Feedback

We're big fans of feedback loops and the more regular and actionable the feedback the better. Combined with our strong learning culture we ensure a safe space to support your growth. We review our employee engagement on a quarterly basis to ensure we have the right focus on you.

Work your way

We encourage curiosity and different ways of working. Make the most of The Commons open and creative spaces or quite rooms. Find what works best for you. We encourage a no internal meetings Tuesday, Thursday & Friday to support focus time and client needs.

Not always about goals

Our talented team work hard, but we also remember to look after ourselves along the way. We stay healthy, exercise, have fun, and take time out to relax, as well as reminding others to carve out time for themselves.

Technology to support

We make use of some great tools which support staying connected and assist our collaboration style of work including AirTable, Slack, Miro, Loom & Google Workspace. These platforms also serve to communicate how and where you're working from.

Gyongyi's B&F Story

What began as only a week-long engagement, we wanted to find out how that turned into Gyongyi becoming one of our longest tenured team members and trusted consultants and how she feels she makes an impact here at B&F.

Let's start by setting the scene: Gyongyi was freelancing as a Consultant when she decided to transition and went on an application spree. Eight interviews later, including ours, she was offered every single one (yes, she's that good!). 
So we asked her what compelled her to take on a week-long engagement with B&F, above other opportunities?

The job ad read: 'Work with one of Australia's most significant and respected for-purpose organisations and make an impact in the community.' It was a once in a lifetime campaign, and for me, it was like, 'Well, I want to be a part of that!'

I was also drawn to the idea that they were really looking for someone to do something new and different, and they were responsive to what people were asking for. So, I hit the 'Apply Now' button!

I felt really good energy in the interview, like their heart was in the right place. B&F came from a place of humility. I remember the words, 'we don't know all the answers, but we're here to help the client.' There was a kind of openness, curiosity and honesty that was very intuitive

By the second interview, I felt there was truly something different here. The B&F team were interested in me as a person. Far from the standard interview process, it was a conversation about a client's workshop they were about to walk into. We spent the whole interview in deep conversation about the workshop; B&F were very curious about my opinion. I was able  to see their work style and thought process, how I was giving them value and I got value. I ended the call excited and knew that I was ready to go all in.

During the one-week engagement, I saw the desire and commitment from the team to work for purpose-driven organisations, which is the one thing I wanted to do. But also, from the get-go, it felt like a really safe environment where people said, 'I don't know'. That was a really positive signal to me: that this is a place you can admit to not knowing and where people want to learn with you, to be better together. So for me, that honesty was a big green light.

Fast forward to today; after numerous projects with clients, it's funny to say, but I still get that warm, fuzzy glow once a project closes, knowing that you've had an impact. What you're doing is making change for the client and making change for all the people or the causes they're supporting. So that work actually enables them to be even better and do what they do best.

There's also a lot of excitement because you've helped them, you've accelerated their journey, and they've now seen a whole new path that they couldn't imagine before, and you're setting them off on the journey. For me, it's not only the work that we do, but a key element is helping them imagine that different is possible and achievable. Seeing that switch with our clients, there's always that pivotal turning point in the engagement they see: 'We were limited by our imagination, we can actually imagine that, do better and get on that path. I think that's really exciting.

"For me, it's the excitement knowing you've accelerated their journey, and the client now sees a whole new path that they couldn't imagine before."

Gyongyi Horvath
Senior Service Design Consultant

Our Benefits

Community Volunteering

Development Allowance

Home Office Setup

Hybrid Working

Paid Parental Leave

Birthday Leave

Wellbeing and Social program

Co-Working office space & amenities

B&F Values

More than just words, our values guide our decisions and infuse every experience we deliver.
The B&F values drive positive and impactful connections between our team, clients and partners.

Our Principles

As the company grows and changes over time, we know we can look to our principles to prioritise the important values our company embodies.

We don’t come in neat boxes. We appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and don’t underestimate what they can bring to the table.

Seek connection without judgement

We build on each other’s ideas and seek to expand our collective thinking.

‘Yes, and’
‘yes, but’

We share information widely and generously, because it elevates all of us.

Knowledge thrives in openness

We acknowledge both the big and small things, and give credit to each other.

We win together. Always

We own our opinions and share them openly and respectfully, but we don’t always need to be right. We commit to the agreed path and keep an open mind, even if we disagree.

Disagree and commit

Roles don't define leadership, people do. We take the opportunity to both lead and actively follow.

Leadership at every level

We care for ourselves and each other first. Only then can we do the best for our clients.

Me, We, Client

We contribute to the growth of both ourselves and the business. We’re always learning and improving, individually, and together as a business.

Lean in

Want to make each day mean more?

B&F can make this a reality for you. We have great plans for 2022, and we are excited to grow our team to deliver impactful work for our clients and build game-changing products that support their growth.
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