Building agile capability and setting a new benchmark for modern project delivery

Department of Education and Training Victoria

The challenge

Like many large and complex organisations, DET found projects were being delivered late and over budget. DET saw the need for a capability uplift program to modernise project delivery, break down silos between teams and across departments, as well as creating more project transparency.

Our expert

Mac Korasani

COO | Founder

Our process

‍Modernising delivery through project health assessments and agile capability uplift

  • We upskilled over 400 staff through practical training on topics such as Agile Fundamentals, and introductory Scrum Master and Product Owner courses.
  • We instilled a shift towards an agile mindset and behaviours in leaders through 360 reviews and coaching.
  • We performed an Agile Project Health Assessment for four pilot projects to benchmark and develop a strategic roadmap for improving team and project health.
  • We introduced agile practices to help deliver a platform for international students who want to study in Australia, and upon success coaching was requested for other teams.
  • We developed an Agile Toolkit and Hub, filled with tools, canvases and content to support on-going learning and capability development.

Services Delivered

Agile Coaching
Organisation Design
Portfolio Design
Agile Training
System Design
Resource Augmentation & Hiring
Agile Project Management & Delivery
Service Blueprinting
Ways of Working and Org Design
Prototyping and Concept Validation
Ideation & Innovation
Experience & Journey Mapping
Customer Research
Experience Design
Technical Roadmap Definition
Product Management
Strategic Vision
Business Case Development
Business Model Definition
Market definition and validation
Product Innovation
Product Strategy

The results

We were able to develop a new standard for modern project delivery through training and working closely with leaders within the Project Services Branch. This resulted in greater interest from the executive and business stakeholders for delivering outcomes using the agile methodology.

The primary result of this project was giving the Department strategies, tactics and tools for resolving common project related issues such as progress transparency, communication and clarity which resulted in successful outcomes for key pilot projects.


Your service, knowledge and experience are of extremely high quality.
Dingaani Ncube, Director, Victoria Department of Education and Training


This project taught us about working with the government and a deeper appreciation of the complexities that public servants navigate daily. We now understand the government's requirements for accountability, transparency and achieving value for money. We learned how to deliver solutions to the public sector in an efficient and effective way.