Creating a product that enabled people to love renting, owning and managing property


The challenge

Over fifteen years, Kolmeo (formerly known as AgentPlus), had paved the way in creating standardised and best-in-class software for the property industry. And then it got stuck. With a team heavy in sales and customer service, and light in developers, their product felt like it was falling behind. Kolmeo teamed up with Beaker & Flint to create a product that would enable people to love renting, owning and managing property.

What we did

Product Strategy, Product Management, Agile Project Delivery, Experience Design, Customer Research, Experience and Journey Mapping, Ideation, Prototyping and Concept Validation

Our expert

Our process

Using our Product Management Framework, we helped Kolmeo to transition to a more customer-centric organisation

  • We worked with Kolmeo’s existing user base and staff to develop insights into both of their behaviours and needs
  • We transitioned this research into actionable insights and put together a business case for a new way of delivering the service - with a focus on a mobile optimised experience
  • Developed a prototype of a new tool within a matter of months
  • Used this prototype to rebuild faith and trust between the organisation, its board and its customers

Services Delivered

Agile Coaching
Organisation Design
Portfolio Design
Agile Training
System Design
Resource Augmentation & Hiring
Agile Project Management & Delivery
Service Blueprinting
Ways of Working and Org Design
Prototyping and Concept Validation
Ideation & Innovation
Experience & Journey Mapping
Customer Research
Experience Design
Technical Roadmap Definition
Product Management
Strategic Vision
Business Case Development
Business Model Definition
Market definition and validation
Product Innovation
Product Strategy

The results

We created a body of knowledge through customer research focusing on the user’s needs. Through this approach, we developed a brand new and much-loved product for Kolmeo’s three-way marketplace. This approach, re-energised and rebuilt trust between the organisation and their board, and users. Finally, we set up structures, people and roadmaps to bring the new product to market.


If we’d kept on going on the path that we were on, we would have flushed millions of dollars down the toilet building a product that our users would never have been able to use in the situations most useful to them.
Scott Bateman, CEO, Kolmeo


The people are the most important part: working with us, and hiring people that had complementary skills, enabled Kolmeo to drive the cultural change they needed. They’re now proud to be more customer centric and able to move iteratively, rather than just build something and then hope for the best.