Designing a Principles-Based Strategy for Future Ways of Working

The challenge

VicTrack successfully made the shift to remote working in response to COVID-19 restrictions. Through that process it has realised benefits around increased flexibility, productivity and transparency while confronting challenges around reduced collaboration and disconnected culture. VicTrack was looking for a Future Ways of Working Strategy that would enable the organisation to achieve its goals, now and into the future, and that was fair, equitable and transparent to staff across VicTrack.

Our expert

Our process

  • Developed an expert, objective, evidence–based strategy that will help VicTrack adapt to changing circumstances and workforce needs in a flexible way.
  • Led with a co-design approach so we could listen and engage with those who would be most affected by change.
  • Co-developed and validated tangible tools to enable a steady transition, clarity for the people, and prioritisation to start the things that will make the most difference.

Services Delivered

Agile Coaching
Organisation Design
Portfolio Design
Agile Training
System Design
Resource Augmentation & Hiring
Agile Project Management & Delivery
Service Blueprinting
Ways of Working and Org Design
Prototyping and Concept Validation
Ideation & Innovation
Experience & Journey Mapping
Customer Research
Experience Design
Technical Roadmap Definition
Product Management
Strategic Vision
Business Case Development
Business Model Definition
Market definition and validation
Product Innovation
Product Strategy

The results

  • Generated market research through desktop research and comparative benchmarking, including interviewing comparable organisations about their future ways of working approaches.
  • Conducted customised research, including 9 workshops with 58 staff members and 22 in-depth interviews with executives and SMEs to engage broadly across the business and map the different types of work and their requirements at VicTrack.
  • Synthesised all information and identified common themes across the business, developing a tailored work profile analysis, and reviewing enablers, barriers and gaps.
  • Created FWOW principles to ensure a consistent set of criteria, while giving business areas and teams the flexibility to adopt the most suitable approach based on the requirements and demands of their work.
  • Took a consultative approach across many layers of the business for strategy endorsement, from SMEs through to the Executive and Board.
  • Co-developed and validated a targeted action plan to ensure this aligned with current business direction and priorities.
  • Developed a manager toolkit, spatial guidance and a change communications plan to enable VicTrack to confidently roll out the FWOW strategy.

Beaker & Flint was able to guide and elevate the VicTrack team, by providing strategic direction, practical next steps and tangible tools to support the rollout for VicTrack's Future Ways of Working.

We were able to leave the VicTrack team with a greater feeling of empowerment, increased clarity on goals, values, and desired outcomes and the confidence to move to flexible ways of working as a result of our work.

The work that B&F did can assist other organisations building not only a Future ways of working strategy and implementation plan, but support with the foundational materials, guidelines and tools to bring this to life.
Kristen Georgakopoulos - Executive General Manager, People & Culture



  • Different types of work have different enablers and constraints - and by using this approach it is possible to set up a fair and equitable flexible hybrid working strategy and approach
  • Co-designing and using collaboration to draw out observations, challenges, thoughts and opinions from those within the organisation will always provide deeper insights, enabling a truly tailored and fit-for-purpose strategy to be created.