Co-Designing a new way of working with Australian Red Cross Marketing

Australian Red Cross

The challenge

As a high performing team, the Engagement and Support department at Red Cross faced challenges in managing dynamic, cross department and cross organisation projects. This typically resulted in delayed timelines and misalignments when it came to ownership and collaboration. 

The traditional ways of working created decision making hierarchies which significantly increased time to market. This made it impossible to be responsive to market trends and stay truly customer-centred. Simply put, how could Red Cross Engagement & Support increase quality while also delivering faster?

Our expert

Ben Ralph

Head of Academy | Founder

Our process

Beaker & Flint co-designed a new way of working with Red Cross that removed the silos between the fundraising, marketing and communications teams. We ran bespoke agile fundamentals training to give everyone a basic understanding of the methodology and the mindset. During training we identified individuals who were likely to take on the product owner and scrum master responsibilities and ran exercises to begin preparing them.

We translated the agile values and principles so they could be adopted into a marketing and charitable giving context, and led an agile adoption across these teams that was focused on values and people-first. 

We were able to embed a test & learn approach to marketing that created a culture of more experimentation and learning paired with a deeper level of customer research for creating a more robust marketing and engagement strategy.

We also established a new value-focused prioritisation process, a new discovery and portfolio function, and leveraged design thinking principles and our own frameworks to help Red Cross discover new opportunities and bring them to life. 

Services Delivered

Agile Coaching
Organisation Design
Portfolio Design
Agile Training
System Design
Resource Augmentation & Hiring
Agile Project Management & Delivery
Service Blueprinting
Ways of Working and Org Design
Prototyping and Concept Validation
Ideation & Innovation
Experience & Journey Mapping
Customer Research
Experience Design
Technical Roadmap Definition
Product Management
Strategic Vision
Business Case Development
Business Model Definition
Market definition and validation
Product Innovation
Product Strategy

The results

In just three months, over 150 people were trained and coached in a new Red Cross way of working that was built on agile foundations. This group formed Nine squads who were coached throughout this period to carry out the day to day activities and any new projects within the Engagement and Support department. 

We also established a series of chapters and a collaborative leadership team who would support the nine squads from a portfolio and delivery perspective, to ensure information flows rapidly and transparently across the various levels of the organisation. 

As part of this engagement some key individuals were trained and transitioned into four key new roles, including Iteration Managers, Product Owners, Experience Delivery Leads and Program Managers.



Transformations aren’t just for software developers, and there’s a reason progressive organisations are looking for better ways of working in areas like marketing, finance, HR and operations.

​Organisations are essentially ecosystems. They are a complex network of interconnected groups of individuals that need to find the best way to work together if they want to flourish and thrive. They need to find a solution that is custom made - we’ve found there’s no one size fits all answer. If you’re just trying to replicate what you’ve seen work somewhere else, ‘agile’ and ‘transformation’ will simply become your company’s buzzword of the month.