Providing Australian’s peace of mind while traveling overseas

Bendigo Bank

The challenge

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank wanted to create a secure card product for customers who were planning to go overseas. They selected the FXgo Travel Money card but faced challenges preparing and developing for a market launch. These challenges were a result of a complex integration with various vendors and partners both on-shore and off-shore. Due to poor documentation, the project also suffered from on-going conflict between the bank and the vendor. Finally, the travel card had not been tested and needed key functionality validated with a product lens.

Our expert

Ben Ralph

Head of Academy | Founder

Our process

We conducted user testing to better understand the end to end experience and identify improvement areas.

We introduced the team to Product Management and agile delivery methodologies which increased communication and team collaboration. This included mentoring and coaching key project individuals to better lead and collaborate with off-shore vendors.

We supported stakeholders in making timely decisions through keeping them informed about critical compliance changes such as anti-money laundering regulations. We also develop pricing strategies for launch and the entire product lifecycle over the coming years.

We also collaborated with marketing and branch teams in preparation for launch and the go to market strategy.

Services Delivered

Agile Coaching
Organisation Design
Portfolio Design
Agile Training
System Design
Resource Augmentation & Hiring
Agile Project Management & Delivery
Service Blueprinting
Ways of Working and Org Design
Prototyping and Concept Validation
Ideation & Innovation
Experience & Journey Mapping
Customer Research
Experience Design
Technical Roadmap Definition
Product Management
Strategic Vision
Business Case Development
Business Model Definition
Market definition and validation
Product Innovation
Product Strategy

The results

As a result of simplifying the product, we were able to improve the user experience which resulted in faster time to market with a superior product. This also reduced the cost and the impact to the vendor’s product team while also satisfying the bank’s requirements.

The key result for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank was having a trusted partner who helped them rescue a failing product and shape the product roadmap for long term success.



We learned that great customer experiences are powered by understanding non functional requirements such as compliance, data privacy, security, and various regulatory requirements.

We also learned that working with off-shore vendors is possible when there are clear requirements, contractual agreements and effective communication through agreed upon social contracts.