Developing a new experience to support engagements that tenants, owners, and property managers love.

The problem

Property managers have 100s of properties they need to manage and 100s of people they need to support. Traditionally they rely on old, clunky systems to manage all their data and processes. AgentPlus knew there was a real need to develop the experience to better support people in the industry.


What we did

Beaker & Flint took a pragmatic approach to tackling the problem. We leveraged our discovery framework to understand the problem space clearly, framing the real pain points and jobs-to-be-done. Combining this with industry data and customer interviews, we designed personas and evaluated the end to end customer journey. 


We used the insights that came out of this process to develop prototype designs, and validated these experiences with customers before working with the team to develop.


What we learned 

We used our discovery framework and design thinking to clearly articulate the problems property managers face and develop the right solution that could make the most impact across the industry.


We gathered the volume of each property manager’s tasks and learnt that the most important job needs to be completed in the office, on the road, and in people’s homes. Using this understanding of the user’s work, we knew where to start building a valuable user-friendly application. We started with mobile designs first, and the highest-volume task, to prove our ability to deliver on the vision.

Meaningful impact

We designed and delivered a workable proof of concept to prove the business strategy and existing services which was validated with customers. Using this proof of concept, worked towards presenting to the board of directors, and secured a round of significant funding to support the team to develop further.