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Bendigo Bank

Developing the FXgo travel experience

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The problem


Bendigo Bank had been developing FXgo travel money card and had faced challenges preparing and developing for a market launch. Those challenges included stakeholder buy-in and engagement. The product was a great concept and the pitch was a good initial business model.


The product needed key product functionality validated and designed with a product lens for user experience and fresh stakeholder engagement. The objective was to improve the product and development process, and then launch it to market.


What we did


We successfully launched FXgo® travel money card to market with no functional issues and high uptake.


We reduced complexity of the product features and solutions to speed up delivery to market launch and maximise customer value. We improved working relationships with all stakeholders to ensure win-win value producing efforts were driving towards business objectives. And we managed clear definitions of buy-in and support.


Using coaching styles and agile methods (kanban and scrum) we worked with adaptable efforts, allowing us to deliver the right things quickly. We drove agile, product management and user experience concepts throughout execution.

  • Training over 400 staff in Agile Fundamentals

  • Training over 40 staff in Product Management and Product Ownership

  • Training 30 staff to run Agile Fundamentals within the organisation (Train the Trainer) 

  • Agile Coaching Capability through running a coaching program for internal Scrum Masters and Iteration Managers

  • Delivered a banking product to market by acting as Product Owner, in collaboration with Bendigo and Adelaide Banks Cards team and external vendors


Meaningful impact

  • Successful launch to market.

  • Sales uplift.

  • Improved engagement.

  • Product roadmap.