Department of Education and Training (DET)

Department of Education and Training (DET)

Organisational change to enable more effective project delivery and a radical shift in culture

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The problem


Like many large and complex organisations, DET found many projects and initiatives that were being launched were frequently delivered late and over budget. DET saw the need for a radical transformation program to modernise project delivery, break down silos between teams and across departments, and realise the full potential of their people.


What we did


Beaker & Flint was engaged to train, coach and support the organisation to enable a complete transformation to the way DET operates.

We partnered with people at various levels in the organisation to enable wide-scale change:

  • Understanding and awareness was created across DET. Agile Fundamentals, Scrum Master (Iteration Manager) and Product Owner training was provided to over 400 people.

  • A community of practice was established to allow staff to continue to learn, develop and share best practices.

  • A shift towards an agile mindset and behaviours was instilled through leadership 360 reviews and coaching.

  • Agile practices were introduced to four pilot teams to demonstrate agile ways of working, and once proven successful coaching was requested for other teams. 

  • A hub was created and filled with content and canvases tailored to DET to enable the organisation to continue to thrive and make it easy for teams to practice a new way of working.


What we learned


DET is constantly impacted by changing legislation, resourcing and funding. This meant working with teams to ensure they were dynamic, self-organising and able to quickly adapt to change was essential.


Meaningful impact


Following a successful partnership, DET is continuously improving. Beaker & Flint was able to fundamentally change the organisation’s operating model and ways of working. This has seen digital products built and value delivered to customers faster, more effective projects and happier, healthier teams.