National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank

Introducing Behavioural Design to promote financial health and literacy

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The problem


Establishing healthy habits is a particularly tough design challenge. This is especially true when it comes to something as sensitive as a customer’s personal finances. 


NAB wanted to integrate Behavioural Design techniques into their existing experience design and product management capability, to help their customers establish the right habits.


What we did


Beaker & Flint co-designed a Behavioural Design playbook that integrated industry best practice techniques into NAB’s existing design capability. 


We curated a deck of 25 Cognitive Bias cards that can be used to diagnose the predictably irrational ways humans make flawed decisions. We also created a deck of 25 design strategy cards that allow NAB to design interfaces that correct for customers’ cognitive biases. 


Finally, we brought all this to life by facilitating behavioural design strategy sessions, ideation workshops and customer testing.


What we learned


Successful organisations are continuously looking for new ways to serve their customers better. There’s a multitude of ways to do this, and it’s about leveraging the right ideas and practices in order to deliver real value.


Meaningful impact


Beaker & Flint demonstrated how behavioural science could be leveraged to create better customer outcomes. We helped develop a model of behavioural maturity that will be used to measure a customer’s financial health and literacy, and brought real customers into the process better understand their needs and how NAB could support them. 


We coached and upskilled NAB’s internal design and product teams, and co-designed and developed the NAB Behavioural Design playbook and toolkit. The teams are now equipped to  practice and apply these techniques to current and upcoming programs.