Red Cross – Engagement & Support

Increase quality with a focus on the customer experience

The problem


The Red Cross Engagement and Support team are a collection of very talented high performers. They had the skills to get the job done effectively but needed a more dynamic way of working that supported collaboration and end to end ownership. 


The organisation was too hierarchical which significantly increased time to market. This made it impossible to be responsive to market trends and stay truly customer centred.  


Red Cross Engagement & Support has a vast remit including fundraising, marketing, customer experiences, retail, first aid training, government and corporate partnerships. They communicate the Red Cross story and raise the funds that allow the organisation to be as responsive and effective as it is. 


The challenge was how to create an environment where all of these different skill sets can work effectively together while also remaining lean and outcome-focused. 


Put simply, how could they increase quality while also delivering faster?


What we did

Beaker & Flint co-designed a new way of working with Red Cross that removed the silos between the fundraising, marketing and communications teams. 


We translated the agile values and principles so they could be adopted into a marketing and charitable giving context, and led an agile adoption across these teams that was focused on values and people-first.


We also established a new value-focused prioritisation process, a new discovery and portfolio function, and leveraged design thinking principles and our own frameworks to help Red Cross discover new opportunities and bring them to life.


What we learned


Transformations aren’t just for software developers, and there’s a reason progressive organisations are looking for better ways of working in areas like marketing, finance, HR and operations.

Organisations are essentially ecosystems. They are a complex network of interconnected systems that need to find the best way to work together if they want to flourish and thrive. They need to find a solution that is custom made - we’ve found there’s no one size fits all answer. If you’re just trying to replicate what you’ve seen work somewhere else, ‘agile’ and ‘transformation’ will simply become your company’s buzzword of the month.


Meaningful impact


In just three months, we were able to provide the right training and coaching to over 150 people. Beaker & Flint kicked-off and coached nine squads, and established a series of chapters and a collaborative leadership team. We also trained and transitioned existing team members into four key new roles, including Iteration Managers, Product Owners, Experience Delivery Leads and Program Managers.