Red Cross – IT

Helping one of Australia’s most prominent charities design and deliver cutting edge digital platforms

The problem


As with many traditional IT environments, the Red Cross IT Department was well structured to support and keep the organisation operational. 


Fragmentation of the charitable giving market place and significant competition from digital-first organisations had accelerated the demands received by IT from “keep the lights on” to “design and deliver first-class digital platforms”. To keep up with these new demands, Red Cross IT saw the need to skill up, transform and significantly change their operating model. 


Beaker & Flint was brought in to experiment with an agile adoption, starting with the pilot of 3 new core platforms. After a successful pilot, the rest of Red Cross IT quickly followed, embarking on a full digital transformation. 


What we did


There isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to designing a new way of working. We partnered with the leadership team and used a collaborative process to design one that was authentic to Red Cross. Leveraging industry best practice the team now have a process they created themselves so they can adapt and change it over time. 


Beaker & Flint then combined the training, coaching and mentoring that allowed Red Cross to bring the new way of working to life at scale, and helped the organisation move to a modern, value first method of portfolio prioritisation.


What we learned


A culture can’t be transplanted out of nowhere. It needs to be grown and protected over time. Therefore, we also identified the top performers and created an environment that allowed them to thrive and take others on the journey with them. This meant moving to a flatter structure where mission teams were given the opportunity to be self-directed.  


Meaningful impact


The transformation provided an opportunity for talented individuals to step into leadership roles as Chapter Leads, overseeing and supporting capability across the board. 6 Product Owners were chosen through the process of self-selection to look after the squads across IT. 


Beaker & Flint successfully implemented a consistent cadence across the board with IT-wide ceremonies, including Product Owner Forums, showcases and fortnightly planning days.

Furthermore we saw improved collaboration and transparency into between teams and through the organisation.


We were able to help Red Cross identify new focus areas and bring proactive initiatives to life. The charity now focuses on innovation instead of ‘keeping the lights on’.