Ecosystem Design

A Human-Centred approach to Digital Transformation & Organisational Innovation 

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The Paradigm Shift

Organisations are not machines. 


People are not interchangeable resources. 


Change is a complex organic process where purpose and passion are more important than command and control. 

Innovative is something teams are - innovation is not something they produce. 


Teams that don't thrive on change or who are uncomfortable with ambiguity will never grow or be truely innovative. 


All meaningful change starts with an uplift in thinking and a growth mindset that is open to learning and new experiences. 

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The top 3 characteristics of high performing organisations 

Evolve from good to great

Engaged Teams

Intrinsically motivated with a sense of purpose.

Emotionally Resilient Individuals

Psychologically safe and emotionally intelligent. 

Technically Proficient 

Experts in their field with a hunger for experimentation, sharing and learning.

A Modern Solution

So how do you overcome the barriers to organisational success and become a real high performing organisation?

Ecosystem Design is a holistic approach to digital transformation that is inclusive and scalable for any organisation. 


The Ecosystem Design toolkit brings together techniques and concepts from Human Centred Design, Service Design, Agile & Lean, DevOps and Behavioural Science.

How does it work

Start with your organisational reality (even when it’s complicated, informal or unspoken). 


Focus on values, a growth mindset and building phycological safety first. 


Engage leadership and coach them to enable and drive the change. 


Change management is not an after thought, the journey of continuous improvement is the destination. 


Start small and scale sustainably. No Big Bang! 


Don’t ignore the technology, systems and infrastructure. 


Measure what matters and iterate!

Our Framework for Organisational Change

The Wave Model

Within organisations, change is created and experienced in waves. 


Waves that are too large or too frequent can be overwhelming for large segments of your organisation. 


Many find themselves drowning in the uncertainty and trauma of significant change. 


On the other hand, the ripples from a small stone dropped in a quiet pool can travel for miles. 


The Wave Model identifies your best swimmers and takes them on a journey to co-design change that can then be sustainably amplified throughout your organisation. 

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The Scale of Change

As your partner we'll co-design and tailor the right solution for you.


The Scale of Change will depend on your context and the outcomes you want to achieve.

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Will your organisation thrive in the future of work?

Start with an Ecosystem Assessment 

Ecosystem Assessment

When benchmarking your organisation, don't rely too heavily on standard project methodologies and delivery frameworks. They oversimplify and sanitise the human complexity within your organisation and give you a false sense of order and control. 


Your organisation's performance is better explained through the lens of values, social norms, status, influence, cognitive biases, loss aversion, emotional intelligence and behavioural economics.


Measure what matters with our Human-Centred assessment for organisational health.