Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Beaker & Flint

What will I get out of working with Beaker & Flint?

Our team is dedicated to helping organisations be successful, meaning we work closely with you to achieve your goals and deliver real outcomes and value. Our unique approach comes down to three main pillars:

  • We take a human-centred approach to change, which means we don’t just fix the symptoms of a problem, but the underlying cause. We take you and your team on a journey to get there, in a way that is supportive and that builds capability as we go.
  • We lower the risk of things going pear-shaped so that you can enjoy the ride. We’ve seen the ins and outs of many digital transformations, meaning it’s very hard for things to shock and surprise us at this point. You can trust you’ll be in good hands.
  • We ground our work in reality, meaning we adapt our tools and processes to suit your unique context. We won’t ask unreasonable things, and we won’t leave you with a bunch of theory. We provide hands on, practical advice for every step of the way.

Can you help me?

In short, probably! Check out our services to see what we usually do. Have an idea for something that falls outside this? We're a talented and adaptable team, so chances are we can package up our knowledge to tackle any problem. Get in touch with the team to chat it through here - we love new challenges and co-designing the right solution to help you get the best outcome.

How can you help my team?

We know that people are the number one asset of any company. That's why we focus on enabling organisations to unlock their teams' potential and clear the roadblocks that slow them down. The ultimate goal is happy, healthy, high performing and resilient teams; and a work culture whereby people feel supported and become intrinsically motivated to be their best.

When is the right time to work with Beaker & Flint?

We have a range of consulting services that are designed to help ready any business for the future. We thrive when working with organisations going through change, guiding them through processes such as:

  • Adapting out-dated business models or designing new ones
  • Prototyping new digital products and services
  • Reimagining existing digital products and services
  • Saving money and time, and finding efficiency through automation and digitisation
  • Enabling customer experiences that weren’t previously possible
  • Building a learning culture to empower your team to be more digitally-savvy

Do you work with clients who are out of state or in another country?

Beaker & Flint is a highly responsive and adaptable digital consultancy. We use the right tools to ensure we can support clients both across the country and worldwide.

What is it like to work with Beaker & Flint?

We are a team of hungry problem solvers who thrive on finding the right solution for the right problem. We believe in having strong opinions, loosely held, to power a culture of fast experimentation and learning. More than that, our team lives for seeing the “aha” moments when working with teams, and constantly seeks out new ways to build capability. Working with Beaker & Flint means partnering with a team of highly skilled and passionate transformation experts, product managers, experience designers and agile coaches that put your people first. In our hands, your team will have the safety and freedom to take controlled risks and experiment with new ideas to drive outcomes. Innovation is supposed to be fun - we take out the risk so you can have fun and enjoy the ride.

What does your client onboarding process consist of?

We start every new project by understanding your business problems and challenges, and distilling what you're trying to achieve. If you haven't yet done a deep dive into your organisational challenges or your roadmap isn’t set in stone, we usually start with a discovery and exploration piece to develop the right strategy. We then partner with you to co-create a tailored solution, which may involve prototyping and testing. When we agree we've developed the right solution, we'll work with you to bring it to life.

How do you keep your customers up-to-date on progress?

We'll work closely with you to develop the right level of reporting. We'll agree on meaningful milestones and how to track them. We can also help your team create automated dashboards and reports, so that your stakeholders are seamlessly kept in the loop on progress.

What is your process for determining success metrics and establishing tracking measures?

We're driven by outcomes, not outputs. This means that we only sleep well at night when we help you deliver real value. At the start of every project, we'll work with you to define success metrics that are aligned with your goals. We'll also help you to track milestones along the way, ensuring we're delivering the best possible outcome together.

Can you provide relevant and current benchmark data for peers/competitors?

We sure can. We can share what is best practice, and provide real indications of what your organisation can and should be aiming for. While we can't share the confidential data of our other clients, we can share what's happening in the market, your industry, and what competitors are striving towards.

Is it true that digital transformation projects require a lot of post-its?

To date, there hasn’t been any research that shows a strong correlation between innovation success and the number of post-its used. Given we’re digital transformation people, we love putting a post-it on the wall. However, we’re also power users of all the good online tools and know how to collaborate without them.

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