Ben Berger: Get out of your comfort zone

Sprint Hard, Iterate Fast - Episode 9

Reggie James
August 24, 2023

In this episode of the Sprint Hard, Iterate Fast podcast, I chat with Ben Berger, the Chief Product Officer at Wisr, a non-bank lender based in Sydney, Australia. Ben discusses his shift to tech from studying psychology to entering the tech industry, where he found his passion in product management.

Ben emphasizes the importance of experimentation, innovation, and disrupting the status quo in the financial industry. Ben reflects on his challenges, including staying in a comfortable but stagnant role for too long and being let go from a dysfunctional organization. Ben advises aspiring product management and tech professionals to step out of their comfort zones, thoroughly research companies, and come prepared with data showcasing their achievements during interviews.

03:43 Experimentation culture at Wisr

05:41 Ben's journey to becoming the Chief Product Officer at Wisr

07:27 Ben’s global product management career

10:53 Staying at a company for too long

12:47 Get out of your comfort zone to grow professionally.

14:56 An unhappy career time that turned out to be the best thing

28:25 How to stand out: Research the company, try out the product

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