Do this if you want people to consistently produce great work

We do our best work when we understand our purpose, when our work is aligned with our purpose, and when we have something or someone to believe in.

Reggie James
November 25, 2018

As a leader, it is your duty and your responsibility to create an environment that allows people to use their strengths in pursuit of a higher purpose. That’s what it means to inspire and lead.

Unfortunately, very few of us act this way. Many organisations today are purely profit over purpose. Most vision statements could simply say, “We are here to make money.” Of course, making money is important, but how long will this fuel you and your team?

How high on the scale of human consciousness can we really climb if our sole purpose in life is to get rich and buy more stuff?

Today I had lunch with an extremely successful startup founder. Contrary to what some may imagine about successful entrepreneurs, he wasn’t the least bit egotistical or flashy. There wasn’t much about his appearance that made him stand out — he just seemed like a regular guy. Yet this “regular guy” has built a business that has made millions for himself and the people who have used his platform!

Speaking to him about his business, I learned that he hadn’t expected to be doing this venture for so long. Although very successful, he expressed a desire to do something that added more purpose and meaning to his life. He said he would like to build a business that had a greater and more positive impact on the lives of those around him.

If you peel back the layers of personal ambition in our achievement economy, what most people desire is a purpose and lasting impact. The best companies and leaders to work for are the ones that know how to rally people around a purpose.

Simon Sinek in his renowned book Start with Why writes, “Great leaders are able to inspire people to act. Those who are able to inspire give people a sense of purpose or belonging that has little to do with any external incentive or benefit to be gained.”

When we work and lead from a place of purpose, we create environments where people genuinely love what they do. They come to work excited and motivated to do their very best. They stay late and put in extra hours because they are dedicated to a purpose that is bigger than themselves.

When we create purpose-filled environments, we help add meaning to people’s lives. When we work from a place of purpose we bring our full being into everything that we do.

Creating an environment like this isn’t hard but it takes courage. It requires you to make your beliefs known and speak about your higher purpose.

Think very deeply about what you do and how it’s impacting other people’s lives. Look for every opportunity to connect your team’s work to a purpose greater than a paycheck.

How is what you’re doing changing the world?

Find one way to link what you and your team do to a higher purpose and bring it into your conversations every day.

Reggie James is a CEO / Sales Guy at Beaker & Flint where he helps organisations build digital products and guide them on their digital transformation journey.
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