From Embarrassing MVP to Triumph

PropHero’s Journey of Iterative Innovation

Reggie James
July 14, 2023

In the ever-changing world of technology, the success of a startup depends on experimentation, rapid iterations, and a customer-focused approach to product development. PropHero, a trailblazing scaleup in real estate property investment, exemplifies these principles through its remarkable journey of iterative innovation.

Unleashing the MVP Mindset
Prior to founding PropHero, Co-Founder Mickael Roger spent a decade applying agile methodologies to his endeavors. With a background as a former McKinsey Associate Partner and leader in McKinsey’s Data and Artificial Intelligence Practice, Mickael's declaration that "We have the MVP mindset at heart" carries weight and seriousness.

Exploring Agile Methodologies
Drawing insights from our conversation with Mickael, we delve into the agile methodologies that have propelled PropHero to success. In the fast-paced startup world, agility is crucial for survival and triumph. PropHero, like other innovative companies, embraces agile methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban, to drive their product development process.

Scrum vs Kanban

The Power of Agile
Startups operate in dynamic and uncertain environments, requiring a flexible and nimble approach that differs from traditional methodologies. Agile methodologies enable startups to adapt quickly, learn from customer feedback, and iterate rapidly on their products. Scrum, one of the most widely used agile frameworks, breaks down work into short iterations called sprints, allowing PropHero to continuously refine their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on real-world insights and market feedback. Kanban, on the other hand, emphasises visualising workflow and limiting work in progress (WIP), enabling startups to maintain a steady flow of work and prioritise tasks based on market demands and customer needs.

The Competitive Edge
By adopting agile methodologies, startups gain a competitive edge. They can swiftly adapt to changes, deliver value to customers in shorter cycles, and continuously improve their products based on real-time feedback. In contrast, larger, slower-moving companies struggle with rigid structures and long development cycles. Startups, on the other hand, have the ability to pivot, experiment, and respond to customer needs rapidly, fostering innovation and driving growth.

PropHero's Triumph
PropHero's success story is a testament to how agile methodologies empower startups to accelerate their innovation journey. Mickael's initial version of PropHero was far from perfect, but his willingness to be ashamed of it and continuously improve drove the company's growth. As Mickael puts it, “The first version of PropHero, I was so ashamed of it. But I think, okay, you should be ashamed of your MVP, right? But I can tell you, every time I would send the link to clients, I would be so ashamed of it, and I couldn’t wait for the product to get better and better. And even today, I’m not ashamed right? But okay, I see so many opportunities.”

Within just two years, the market response catapulted PropHero into success, now boasting a global team of 60 professionals. Leveraging agile methodologies allowed PropHero to iterate rapidly, align strategic goals, and create a customer-centric product experience that sets them apart in the real estate industry.

Customer-Centric Innovation
A cornerstone of PropHero's iterative innovation process is listening to customers and incorporating their feedback. Mickael explains, “I myself talk to two or three clients per week, right? Just to learn about their experience and get ideas on what we could do tomorrow. And because of that, we constantly refine our backlog of product features based on user feedback and also align with the bigger strategy of what we want to prove at each stage of the company life.”

As you can see, Mickael emphasises the importance of engaging with customers regularly to understand their needs and gather insights for product development. By constantly refining their backlog of product features based on user feedback and aligning with its larger strategy, PropHero ensures a customer-centric approach at every stage of the company's journey.

Inspiration for Startups
PropHero's story serves as an inspiration for startups and tech companies alike, highlighting the significance of experimentation, fast iterations, and a deep commitment to understanding and incorporating customer feedback. Their relentless pursuit of improvement and adaptability to evolving customer needs distinguishes them as true innovators in the real estate industry.

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