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The Advantages of Serendipity in Contract-to-Hire

Reggie James
February 12, 2023

Contract-to-Hire Recruitment is a lesser known, but effective way for companies to find and hire new talent. Contract-to-Hire refers to the process of bringing someone onto your team on an initial contract, working with them for a set period of time, and then converting them to a permanent employee.

This approach is different from a traditional probation period as companies rarely bring in contractors with the expectation that they will become full-time employees. Instead, managers choose to hire on contract because they have critical project work that must be completed, and they need the right skills to get the job done. Despite the benefits it can bring, Contract-to-Hire is an additional recruitment option that many organizations don't fully explore.

At B&F we exclusively provide team augmentation and contract-to-hire recruitment services because we’ve seen its power in attracting only the best talent. By focusing solely on contract and contract-to-hire recruitment, we source only highly skilled and experienced candidates who are not only capable of doing the job, but are also natural team players.

Being a career practitioners with experience in product development and agile delivery, has uniquely positioned us to find and screen other practitioners. With a background in building and managing teams in startups, scale-ups, and enterprise organizations, our expertise and knowledge make us the ideal resource consultancy to provide team augmentation and contract-to-hire recruitment services.

Finding Star Employees through B&F Augmentation and Contract-to-Hire

Not convinced? My previous client Kolmeo needed help reinventing a property management platform that had passed its prime. We provided them three contractors, a product manager, a product designer and an agile coach. Of those three contractors, two decided they wanted to convert-to-hire and joined Kolmeo on a permanent basis. We went on to provide them an additional 20 contractors, many of which who stayed on permanently.

We’ve even successfully used contract-to-hire here at Beaker & Flint. We brought Georgia in on one-week contract to help our team with some internal work for a client. We were so blown away by Georgia’s amazing skillset across service design that we extended her contract and utilised her services on other projects. Georgia also happened to be an incredible match for our culture. Needless to say, Georgia decided to convert-to-hire and stayed on for nearly two years.

The Difference between B&F Augmentation and a Recruiter

Traditional Recruitment

A recruiter helps companies find and hire suitable candidates for open positions. Generally, they will require some exclusivity before engaging in the search process. This can come in the form of a discounted rate depending on how much they need your business. They usually request a portion of the fee upfront to ensure you do not cancel the search process.

A recruiters primary role includes sourcing, screening, and presenting potential candidates to the hiring manager. They use a variety of tools and methods, such as job boards, social media, networking, and referral programs, to find and attract suitable candidates. Once they have identified potential candidates, the recruiter will typically conduct initial interviews and assessments to determine if the candidate is a good fit for the position and the company.

If the candidate is deemed suitable, the recruiter will present them to the hiring manager for further consideration and, if necessary, additional interviews. In addition to sourcing and screening candidates, recruiters may also provide support throughout the hiring process, such as negotiating salaries and benefits and assisting with the onboarding process.

B&F Team Augmentation

B&F Team Augmentation is different. With our service you can rely on us to perform an in-depth screening of candidates before ever introducing them to you. In fact, we’ve previously worked with many of our contractors and their skills and expertise have been personally verified. Because we are ourselves experienced practitioners, most of our contractors come recommended from within our network thereby reducing the risk to your organisation.

With our service, we’ll never ask you to sign an exclusivity contract, or ask you for a portion of the fee upfront before presenting you with contractors. We’re confident in our service and in our industry relationships. We’ll happily tap into our network for you without any signed agreements.

We’ll always do our best to place the most qualified person. And if we’re struggling find a suitable contractor, we wont try to make a square peg fit into a round hole-we’ll tell you.

If you and our contractor decide you’d like to enter into a permanent agreement, we facilitate a transition agreement. Unlike other resource consultancies, we believe this practise is a win for all parties.

The benefits of Contract-to-Hire

After conducting a review of our past clients successes with contract-to-hire through B&F Product and Delivery Augmentation service we’ve observed the following benefits:

  • The vast majority of contractors we onboarded with our clients were reported to be a suitable culture fit.
  • The contractors that we onboarded were rated at well above average or rated superior in terms of skillset and within their particular field.
  • When surveyed, managers rated our contractors as 25% more engaged when compared to their own team
  • When our contractors chose to convert-to-hire, we’ve noticed that they were three times more likely to be promoted within one year when compared to their counterparts

When to Use B&F Augmentation rather than hire Permanent

Team augmentation is an alternative way to bring talent into your growing company. Team augmentation can supplement your internal hiring efforts and help you to recruit hard-to-find specialist talent. In many cases, you may not choose to hire, but having the option is always better than not. We’ve noticed that most of our clients choose our team augmentation for the following reasons:

  1. Keep up with the project hustle and bustle!
  2. When sickness strikes and your team needs a superhero.
  3. Bring in the big guns for hard-to-find skills.
  4. Mix things up and avoid groupthink boredom.
  5. Call in the specialists for non-core business needs.
  6. Can't find the perfect fit for your team? Time to bring in a temp!
  7. Need an extra hand for a trial run? A contractor can help.
  8. Keep your A-team focused on their A-game by outsourcing the extras.

Contract-to-Hire recruitment is a lesser-known but effective way for companies to find and hire new talent. Beaker & Flint exclusively provides team augmentation and Contract-to-Hire recruitment services that have seen its power in attracting only the best talent. The primary benefit of Contract-to-Hire is that it enables managers to hire skilled and experienced candidates for critical project work that must be completed, with the option of converting them to a permanent employee later. B&F performs an in-depth screening of candidates before introducing them to companies, reducing the risk to the organization. Furthermore, B&F's team augmentation service is an alternative way to bring talent into a growing company, supplement internal hiring efforts, and recruit hard-to-find specialist talent.

Looking to find highly skilled and experienced contractors to augment your team? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a winning team.


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