Jeremy Goldschmidt: The importance of iterating fast

Sprint Hard, Iterate Fast - Episode 8

Reggie James
August 2, 2023

Disrupting the market is the reason many tech start-ups begin. The founder sees a solution to a problem and gets creating. But what does that creative process actually look like?

In this episode Jeremy Goldschmidt, founder of RentBetter, talks about how not even he really understood what the final product would be until he got people testing it. He talks about the importance of iterating quickly and where his product disrupts the market. He also gives insight into what it takes to work at RentBetter.

Jeremy Goldschmidt is the CEO at RentBetter, and a self-managing property owner. He founded RentBetter in 2016. At the time, as a bit of a ‘side hustle’ while he continued work at ANZ. He started RentBetter as a solution to empower all property owners to self-manage their own properties, saving time, saving money, and gaining control over their investments.

“If you don't iterate quickly, within a small spectrum of work you tend to lose out.” – Jeremy Goldschmidt


00:56 - What is RentBetter?

1:25 - Moving away from the property management model?

4:30 - How the platform became disruptive in the market?

7:43 - How did you get the idea for RentBetter?

13:44 - The importance of iterating quickly

16:17 - What does failure look like to a start-up leader?

19:22 - How did Jeremy end up where he is now?

25:15 - Making it work for the customer and the team

28:43 - Shout out to the RentBetter team

32:06 - Three pieces of advice for working at Rent Better

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