Saad Irfani: The challenges of creating a tech start-up

Sprint Hard, Iterate Fast - Episode 4

Reggie James
July 3, 2023

Ideas are powerful things that can bring people together to create something greater than any individual could. Having people around you that you can trust to be able to test ideas with that may fail before you succeed is crucial. Saad Ifrani went through exactly this while setting up the tech company Eclipse AI, so is the perfect guest to talk you through the challenges of creating a tech start up.

Saad Ifrani is the co-founder of Eclipse AI, a plug-and-play AI platform that helps SMEs predict and prevent churn. Prior to Eclipse AI, he was a management consultant and investment banker.

“The challenges you're going to face together as a team, it's going to test everything.” – Saad Irfani


01:38 - How did Saad get into the tech space?

06:59 - The best advice he’s received in his career

10:04 - Coming together as a team around an idea

14:41 - How Eclipse AI came to be?

17:09 - What is the biggest player in the market?

21:54 - Lean principles don’t fit with the lean startup

24:14 - Where’s the line between wild and bold claims?

31:58 - Three pieces of advice for aspiring employees.

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