Tom Dreyfus: Don't Take No for an Answer

Sprint Hard, Iterate Fast - Episode 1

Reggie James
March 12, 2023

Hearing “No” to your ideas is something that all start-up Founders go through. In this episode you will discover how moving forward despite hearing “No” is what makes or breaks a Founder and that making fast decisions can set you up for success. Tom also reveals how it’s possible to progress to senior roles without experience.

Tom Dreyfus is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Josef and leads the company strategy and global relationships with customers and technology partners. Tom has worked as a solicitor, served as an associate at the High Court of Australia and was also a founding member of the Columbia Law School Legal Technology Association.

“Building a successful start-up is all about taking risk” – Tom Dreyfus


6.11 - Don’t take no for an answer.

13.37 - Balancing careful planning and bold decisions.

19.18 - The shift from hyper-growth to sustainable growth.

26.48 - How employees and teams can drive growth in their own ways.

31.22 - How to progress without experience

34.34 - Tom’s advice for people applying to work at Josef.

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