Anthony Stevens: Tech innovation without shackles

Sprint Hard, Iterate Fast - Episode 2

Reggie James
March 19, 2023

The key thing for any company is to recognise the problems that exist in a market then be able to create solutions to fix them. 6clicks have created innovative solutions using AI to do just that. Anthony Stevens discusses how to balance innovation and customer demand as well as advice to people looking to join 6clicks.

Anthony Stevens is the CEO & Co-founder of 6clicks. With a mission to build truly great software to help communities of partners and customers with risk and compliance. Anthony is also the author of Chasing Digital: A Playbook for the New Economy and co-founder of several start-ups.

“We wanted to build something really fast and contemporary” – Anthony Stevens


6.27 – Discover the origins of 6clicks

8.54 – Why Hub & Spoke architecture is appealing to large enterprises

13.41 – How 6clicks got started with AI

19.55 – Find out how to balance customer demands with innovation needs

24.02 – Advice for people wanting to join 6clicks

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