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Reggie James
January 17, 2023

Welcome to the Sprint Hard, Iterate Fast Podcast, where we look inside the most innovative companies creating exciting new jobs.

I'm your host, Reggie James. And I've worked with many startups, three I Co-Founded and two that scaled to employ hundreds of people. I'm currently the CEO of a digital product resource consultancy Beaker & Flint, based in Melbourne, Australia.

You know, I believe time and chance are life's sweetest gifts. You never know what person or project will come along and change everything. Hang with me for your own stroke of good luck. We're getting candid stories and trusted advice from CEOs, CTOs and Product Leaders who have been there, done that and learned a thing or two along the way. I'm talking everything from product, team and culture.

On the Sprint Hard, Iterate Fast Podcast, I'm going to introduce you to companies hiring top talent like you and give you actionable tips to stand out. As a bonus for the first 100 people to subscribe and leave a review. I'm giving away copies of my new book ScaleUp culture. ScaleUp culture will give you a leg up in your career by showing you how fast growing tech companies are building their teams.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes, including a special series entitled Melbourne's tech Mavericks. Ten companies shaking up their industries in 2023.


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