Thomas Walkley: Building a team full of passion

Sprint Hard, Iterate Fast - Episode 3

Reggie James
June 30, 2023

Building the right team of people is important to the success of any company. But how do you know who the right people are? Erin Living Technologies CEO Thomas Walkley shares his insights on how to get it right and create a team full of belief in the company goals.


Thomas Walkley is pioneering the future of multi-residential living through his work as CEO of Erin Living Technologies. Thomas has now built 4 companies from the ground up with over 15 years in the property and real estate sector. He is all about creating cultures where people flourish.


“I don't think we've made a bad hire in our business, which is a testament to our instinct with people.” – Thomas Walkley




7.08 – Differences between local and international competitors

10.14 – How has the market reacted to what you are doing?

12.45 – Balancing experimentation with product delivery

15.36 – How to build a talented team full of belief

20.35 – How to find passionate people

23.23 – The importance of a team mentality


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