Helping non-profits become
more powerful changemakers

Consider what’s possible, not what’s probable.

Helping non-profits become
more powerful changemakers
Helping non-profits become
more powerful changemakers

Our proven methodologies help expand your reach and engage your audience through innovative fundraising ideas and products.

We’ve honed our methods over years to help NFPs expand their solutions, broaden their reach and improve the way they deliver services.

It’s all in the name of achieving and exceeding your organisation’s goals.

Services for non-profit organisations

Evolve the way you fundraise

We’ll help you identify and validate opportunities to expand your current offering, and suggest new innovative solutions to help you stand out.

Embrace hybrid ways of working

Develop a hybrid working strategy that takes into account your future focus, the needs of your employees and the broader organisational objectives.

Move to agile delivery and operation

We use our extensive agile expertise to design and operationalise your new agile operating model - and help make it stick through hands-on team and leadership coaching.

Case Study: Australian Red Cross

How we co-designed a new way of working with Australian Red Cross:

As a high performing team, the Engagement and Support department at Red Cross faced challenges in managing dynamic cross-department and cross-organisation projects. This typically resulted in delayed timelines and misalignments when it came to ownership and collaboration.

See how we removed the silos between the fundraising, marketing and communications teams to help Red Cross Engagement & Support increase quality while also delivering faster.

Upskill, uplift and inspire with on-site training

Our training packages are perfect for teams, managers and executives in non-profit organisations. They equip teams with the knowledge and inspiration to adopt agile processes, create innovation cultures or transition to remote/hybrid working.

Your sessions will be delivered by coaches and consultants who know what holds organisations like yours back from delivering maximum social impact.

Case Study: Oxfam

How we implemented new software and new principles at Oxfam:

Oxfam Australia needed support with two concurrent streams of work; a complex initiative to uplift its CRM capability, and an ambitious initiative to incorporate feminist principles and agile values into their ways of working named ‘Oxfam 2.0’.

See how we supported the Salesforce roadmap, enhanced capability by offering customised training and coaching confidence across all levels of the teams we worked with, and co-designed and facilitated workshops to ensure voices from across Oxfam were heard and integrated into 2.0 thinking.

Watch the webinar: Hybrid working for the public sector

We showed public sector leaders how to build resilience, promote wellbeing and spark creativity within teams working from a blend of office and home.

Enter your details for actionable, evidence-based strategies to not only navigate hybrid working successfully, but thrive to new heights.

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