The Scientist

Athol has extensive experience in consulting, modelling and advanced analytics, management strategy, and research and development. Having worked with not-for-profit and purpose-driven organisations for almost 20 years, his passion for connecting with people and making the world a better place has only grown.

Area of Expertise

Athol has worked closely with government agencies, NFPs and businesses to:

Develop modelling systems and analytical methods to improve the strategic management of important natural resources

Develop business-cases, strategic planning documents, and analytical and financial models for large Government agencies

Undertake strategic reviews of service delivery and governance processes for key Australian Government committees

Research, design, and build a workforce modelling, analytics, and strategic planning system for one of Australia’s leading policing agencies

Words from Athol

I truly value the mechanisms that make up a thing. How simple data can be used to design an extensive mathematical model. How the tiny pieces in my favourite watch synergise. How my kids make our family whole. These are the things that give me joy, and ultimately what I bring to Beaker & Flint; connecting smaller parts to make a big impact.

From a young age, I’ve been interested in the bigger picture, which helps me be compassionate and make good decisions. This has carried over into my career; not just with my analytical decision-making, but also in building connections and being a nurturing leader. I like to make sure my colleagues and clients alike are thriving!


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