The Visionary

Ben's work is driven by his passion for untangling complexity and dedication to innovation in the purpose-driven economy. He focuses on how technology can make the world better by creating products and services that will directly benefit not-for-profit organisations.

He's worked closely with government departments, NFPs and purpose-led businesses to:

Design and implement systems for greater productivity and collaboration

Conceptualise new products and services, and bring them to market

Execute organisational change that aligns with customer experience

Ben has 15 years of professional experience in CX Research, Product Innovation and Transformation, most recently working with the Australian Red Cross, WWF Australia, The Public Innovation Network and at the Department of Education and Training Victoria.

Words from Ben

As a Founder of Beaker & Flint, I’m at my happiest when I’m creating something new that will genuinely make an impact. You’ll probably find me with my sleeves rolled up, quietly analysing and creating things at my desk, always looking for new ways to make the complex simple. I work with the belief that the best innovators untangle complexity. They turn it into something beautiful and simple.  

For the last 15 years, I’ve been working in and around the product and technology space. I’ve always enjoyed seeing ideas come alive, especially when I have the chance to witness the positive outcomes they deliver. Needless to say, growing Beaker & Flint to where it is today is my proudest achievement



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