The (work) Dreamer

Gyongyi works with for-purpose organisations to design, improve and deliver products and services that achieve positive change for organisations, their customers and the wider community.

Gyongyi has worked with:

WWF to identify new audience segments, expand their target market and launch new revenue-generating products to market, based on extensive market and user research

VCAT to design inclusive, culturally appropriate experiences in partnership with Aboriginal audiences that has resulted in increased access to justice in renting, guardianship and consumer claims

Consumer Affairs Victoria to lead research design into renting behaviours and audience segmentation to improve information provision and support for renters through new products, service delivery strategy and education campaigns

Gyongyi has over 13 years of professional experience working with not-for-profit, government and for-purpose organisations and holds deep expertise in disability, education, mental health, and environmental and consumer protection. Her own ethnographic research on using comics to teach children about violence was published in 2020.

Words from Gyongyi

I'm always looking for ways I can connect people to work together and create a better future. At Beaker & Flint, I have the opportunity to design services for the future that are impactful, adaptive and inclusive, leaving no one behind. I bring over 13 years of experience to the team, having worked in the disability, education, mental health, environmental, and consumer protection sectors.

I’m the kind of person who’s always looking for a project that would benefit from a bit of my passion. I have a knack for transforming chaos into order. You’ll most often find me proactively working on challenges branded as ‘too hard’, diving deeper to understand the problem and bringing people together to design better outcomes and processes.


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