The Harmonizer

Rebecca's passion is making things better for teams, improving the value they deliver and sparking ideas to reaffirm and embed the changes they need. She's been fortunate enough to have coached teams through major agile transformations, worked collaboratively with colleagues to implement new ways of working and have continually been learning and growing along the way.

Rebecca has extensive experience with:

Internal and external designers, developers, content managers and SEO to produce complete projects for clients; from smaller builds up to larger scale executions that form the backbone of a client's business model

Teams of 10+ across social and digital channels as the Head of Digital to continuously implement improvements and lean processes while keeping all tasks rolling, clients happy, and team members growing, learning and contributing

Program design and delivery as a specialist and the Agile Coach for Telstra's Ways of Working

A variety of teams across the public purpose sector like Oxfam, VicTrack and Victorian Department of Education and Training, to help uplift their experience and delivery - and make their working lives better

Words from Rebecca

My work is founded on open, honest relationships—I meld business nous with a philanthropic heart. I want to improve the world, one team at a time. I’d say my greatest strength is my ability to empathise with and understand the motivations of people from all walks of life. No one’s ever afraid to pull up a chair and tell me what’s on their mind; they know I’ll always be in their corner.  

Although the team at Beaker & Flint know me as the one who’s more organised than Marie Kondo, my true passion stems beyond my impressive organisation skills. For me, it all comes down to helping people. A big believer in the “we” approach, I’m not afraid to walk a mile in your shoes; after all, we’re in this together.


A team from all walks of life