The Pacesetter

Rosie is passionate about working with for-purpose clients and changemakers. She founded a non-profit organisation in Uganda, designed and delivered transformational retreats for women in Bali, and has worked for over 8 years as a facilitator, coach and consultant.

Rosie also has:

A self-starter work ethic, having founded a non-profit organisation and ran a children's home in East Africa where she managed operations

Strong communication and coordination skills, working cross-culturally, and alongside senior team members

Excellent interview skills, asking powerful questions and listening for what is not being said to find valuable patterns

Rosie holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of NSW and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and brings an inclusive, confident and dynamic energy to her work. She has extensive experience designing content and facilitating workshops with an HCD lens and has led programs across Australia, the UK, and Sweden, with clients ranging from start-ups, corporate and non-profit organisations, local and state government and education and service providers.

Words from Rosie

Natural, instinctual curiosity has served me countless times and continues to push me forward. Having founded two non-profits, I thrive on taking calculated leaps into the unknown and pioneering change. As I stepped up and leaned into my curiosity, it has led me to deliver high-quality, personalised services and build strong connections.

Asking powerful questions, listening for what is not being said and paying attention to patterns has allowed me to discover new and imaginative ways to help people—it even won me a few awards! My adventurous nature has seen me expand my horizons; living and travelling to 30 countries before age 30. Next on the list is 40 before 40, as well as learning to juggle and skateboard (only, not simultaneously!)


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