The Composer

Stella strongly values authenticity, continuous growth, and paying it forward and is naturally drawn to purpose-led, human-centred design. With traits like empathy, creativity and introspection, she is able to work closely with clients to understand where they are now and where they want to be, and co-design the best path forwards to bridge the gap.

Stella's experience spans:

Professional services, industry, start-ups, and not-for-profits as a management consultant, a volunteer, and a teacher

Several years of consulting experience in technology strategy, operating model, architecture, and service design across a variety of industries, including government, higher education, agribusiness and utilities

The delivery of education, coaching, and training for a range of audiences from primary and secondary school students to professionals

What fascinates and inspires Stella most are the ways in which a deep understanding of human behaviours, needs, and desires can enable the design of better, more innovative experiences and solutions.She finds herself most fulfilled when she has the opportunity to work collaboratively with diverse people to create meaningful and sustainable social impact.

Words from Stella

Designing for real people, combining head and heart, I relish turning the complex and the ambiguous into structure, clarity and direction in everyday life. Through storytelling, design, ideation, and problem-solving, I'm able to share and collaborate in a relatable way, bringing my systematic and creative sides together.

They call me the Composer because when my innovative side connects with my analytical side, a beautiful yet seamless composition starts to form. Equally excited by both, my original ideas and eagle eye for detail allow me to provide the best solutions to drive change


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