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Beaker & Flint are a team of experience designers, product managers, agile coaches and delivery specialists. 


We help your team create products, design experiences, and solve problems. 


As a team, together we can build the right thing, in the right way. 

Beaker and Flint are with you on your journey to create effective products and desirable customer experiences 

Agile Adoption and Digital Transformation

Every organisation is unique, and so there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Rather than rolling out a framework, we co-design new ways of working that are tailored to your organisation with a real focus on behavioural change. Our team of experts combine the best of agile, product, lean and design thinking to create a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Behavioural Design

As humans we’re great rationalists - but far from being rational. We know some behaviours and habits are bad for us, but we do them anyway. Behavioural Design is used to predict irrational decisions people make, and then supply the tools and techniques to overcome them. We understand the significant role design plays in influencing human behaviour, and can help you leverage techniques for designing truly human-centred products, services and organisations.

Product Management

Our product managers are experts when it comes to building the right products, the right way. We’ve created our own tools and techniques for every stage of the product life cycle. Our approach involves partnering with your organisation to build capability, while simultaneously helping you get to market faster.

Agile Delivery

For some organisations agile is a completely new concept, and for others, there are questions around how to grow from a foundational level to becoming truly agile. Our team of delivery specialist consists of agile coaches and scrum masters that can help with product, service and project delivery while uplifting your agile capability. Working with our team means a focus on outcomes and value while demonstrating and modelling behaviours and rituals to create lasting change. 


Beaker & Flint training is co-designed and tailored for your organisation. We’ll teach you the core concepts and then show you how to use our tools to bring them to life. Some of our key focus areas include Agile Fundamentals, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Management, Behavioural Design and Design Thinking.


A lot of the ideas in our training were initially used when designing and building digital products. Interestingly, progressive organisations are now looking to implement them in areas like Marketing, Finance, HR and Operations.


Speak to us if you want to find out how.