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What we do & how we do it

Beaker & Flint are a team of experience designers, product managers, agile coaches and delivery specialists. 


We help your team create products, design experiences, and solve problems. 


As a team, together we can build the right thing, in the right way. 

Beaker and Flint are with you on your journey to create effective products and desirable customer experiences 

Beaker & Flint as your product coach & problem solver 

The world of product design and development is complex, adaptive and constantly changing. Our flexible and scalable coaching model gets your team access to the right experts, on-demand and only when they need them. We can solve tactical problems as they arise and build team capability over time. 

Beaker & Flint as your product team

It is a long road from initial concept to a fully articulated solution that is desirable, viable and feasible. It's a road our team have walked many times before, we know the shortcuts and pitfalls. We are a proven team, with shared values,  a collaborative style and iterative approach. 

Beaker & Flint as your delivery partner 

We are a value-focused delivery team. We work with developers to achieve business and customer outcomes, not just ship code. Delivery teams need to be resilient, adaptive, focused and empowered. We will get your product to market and then help it thrive.