A new way of consulting that empowers your organisation to be
Better, as a Result.
At Beaker & Flint, we take a modern approach to consultancy that enables your team to grow their expertise through comprehensive coaching, while our team creates products and services for a brighter future. This new-school methodology actively includes your team in the design process, so that the finished product is more meaningful and your organisation is Better, as a Result.

What we can achieve with you

Product Strategy

All organisations, no matter their size, need to balance long-term strategic thinking paired with short-term action in order to grow. Starting with an exploration of your business through  strategic workshops, research and in-depth discussions, we work with your team to clarify your vision, purpose and priorities before mapping out new ways forward. At the same time, we instill an open way of working, with a focus on fostering a culture of experimentation, learning and innovation so that your organisation can act fast in response to rapid market changes.
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Innovation
  • Market definition and validation
  • Business Model Definition
  • Business Case Development
  • Strategic Vision
  • Product Management
  • Technical Roadmap Definition

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Service Design

We work with your team to understand the needs of your people before designing intuitive experiences that your users will love. We do this by conducting consumer research that informs digital prototypes and user journey mapping, that is then validated or tweaked through comprehensive testing. We then apply these learnings, along with innovative tech, to design an experience that resonates with your users through their preferred products, channels, touchpoints and interfaces.
  • Experience Design
  • Customer Research
  • Experience & Journey Mapping
  • Ideation & Innovation
  • Prototyping and Concept Validation

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Organisational Change

We believe that customer experience is tightly coupled with employee experiences. That’s why we implement internal organisational change in tandem with designing experiences for your customers. We work with your team to implement new ways of working (including Agile and Hybrid) as well as ideation, service blueprinting and designing new service architectures that suit your organisation’s needs - and we train staff so that they can do it themselves in the future.
  • Ways of Working and Org Design
  • Service Blueprinting
  • Agile Project Management & Delivery
  • Resource Augmentation & Hiring
  • Training

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